1 Church, 1 Job, 1 Young Black Man Working | Black Star Journal

1 Church, 1 Job, 1 Young Black Man Working

July 3, 2012

By Editor


The Black Star Project Presents…

The 1 CHURCH, 1 JOB, 1 Young Black Man Working Program

In times of economic strain, our whole community suffers from the complications of unemployment. In an effort to develop a new model of community outreach and economic sustainability, The Black«Star Project will soon launch the 1 Church, 1 Job program. It is estimated that inChicago alone there are approximately 10,000 churches. The Black«Star Project will offer the opportunity to participate in this program to as many churches as are willing. During this five-week program, young, jobless African Americans participating will receive a salary of $1000, job training and administrative mentoring throughout, and valuable work experience to draw from in the future.

By the end of the five-week program, all those who participate will gain something valuable. The workers, in addition to the five weeks of steady salary, will develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue lasting employment. The churches will strengthen their community by keeping young people away from extra-legal forms of income, violence, and joblessness. Businesses will gain cheaper labor, informed workers, and federal recognition. Finally, those governmental bodies offering their support will help combat the problems they’ve been appointed to solve.

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